We are 369 LA

  • High Quality Without the Industry Markup

    We've spent over 8 years traveling the world finding the perfect materials at an affordable cost to bring high-quality clothing to all.

  • Versatile Comfortable Fit

    We've taken inspiration of the cuts and fits from designer brands and have brought it into our products at a unbeatable price.

  • Join The New Era Of Apparel

    We believe expressing your spirituality in a comfortable, versatile, and stylish way will bring light to all that you encounter with.

What's the goal with 369 Los Angeles?

With our original roots in Los Angeles CA, our goal is to give affordable high quality to clothing to everyone around the world, as we continue to grow and expand we will continue to develop products internationally. We want to thank you for being apart of this movement and we want you to not only be spiritually enlightened but be able to wear high quality clothing at an affordable price for all.