The Perfect Hoodie

$44.00 $70.00

Here at 369, we started to feel really unfulfilled with the pieces we were making.

We spent months testing materials from overseas new factories and different cuts and feels and we couldn’t find something that felt right.

We started to see what we can do in the USA with cotton grown here on our soil and the reduction of emissions.

We then found the perfect 20oz fleece that is breathable yet heavy to keep you feeling comfortable all while looking stylish.

We discovered that weighted products are especially helpful for those with anxiety, ADHD, autism, and other sensory issues.

Our hoodie weighs anywhere from 2 - 3 pounds.

Introducing the perfect hoodie with 100% USA French Terry Cotton that has a really soft feel that has a slightly oversized fit.

This piece is essentially the perfect hoodie and we couldn't ask for anything better.

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